ACSC Points Event was creative to give more awards in a circuit points system for car clubs who come to our events. Each event can creative a new award at later ACSC Event and an extra circuit points award that will be given out at the last points finials event.  
  This is something that "new" and nobody else has ever try before. There will be a Show Circuit King of Kings, Show Circuit Car Club Champion and Show Circuit Unique Champion.  
  ACSC has already creative a Best Unique Trophy at Riders Points Battle Show. This is an extra Best of award. It creative extra trophies at our event. The first two events could creative newer awards at Riders Points Battle Show or later events. If the same person gets the same best of trophy at any two events then it would creative more best of trophies and added Show Circuit award. The same person can't get Show Circuit award and a Best of Trophy at the last event which is plan to be at Riders Fall Bash 2012.  

  For many years there been talk on who is the "King" of the show scene. Now with ACSC Points Championship there people can find out who really is the King on an Event Ciruit level. Time Enter, Highest Judge Score and Miles Travel can decide who will be the "Next King of Kings!"  It all starts at Riders Winter Brawl!  
  TIM SUTTON - WINNER - 2010 King of Kings  
  Tim got his head start on time enter at Riders Winter Brawl 2010.  
  JAMES ROSENHAVER - WINNER - 2011 King of Kings by the highest points of all events.  
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