Information about Rolling Riders Magazine Organzation then e-mail  

For events to a direct e-mail is

  Contact number is 919-975-7212 about events. This is Rolling Riders Organization number. You can leave a message and we will contact Rolling Riders Magazine for you. You will get a faster response if you e-mail one of the two e-mails above.  
  All information about the "printed" magazine would be only at Rolling Riders/  
  ACSC Events. No information will be given through e-mails or telephone calls.  
  Ask for information at our Registration Booth.  - ACA Info page.  
  Any information about modeling then please e-mail ACMP at  
  PLEASE READ: No one is available at this time to look at any situation before December 2018. Rolling Riders Org had people past away and staff that became unavailable.  Auto Customz Association was a major association that companies and members will try to put things back together. Nothing is 100% like it was from 2003 to 2013. February 2019, we are running at 30% like it was within those 10 years.