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The first event was held on June 27, 2010, due to a major sickness then it divided the event into 2 events in 2011. ACA is on the original path

as we where in August 2010, this puts the event back to June 24, 2012. ACA is going to due a full review in July 2012 to see if an extra Bass Off can be done after this date.

If you like more infomation information then e-mail us. Info about June 24 is coming soon.

Riders Bass Comp League Top 25 Car Show and Stereo Competition


Top 25 and Specialty Awards - Best of Show, Best Car, Best Truck, Sponsor Choice, Club Participation

Riders Bass Comp League - Stereo Competition - Eight classes with Bass Comp Champion and Bass Off Champion and "NEW" High Current Champion - Go to




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