1. How long have you been a DJ?
    The Association that backing Riders DJ Entertainer has over 10 years of experience in doing events. Riders DJ Entertainer was a new company made in May 2011. Click on why we went into a company to read all information in Blog.

  2. What type of equipment do you use?
    We use only the top of the line professional DJ equipment by brands such as Mackie, Odyssey, LG, Toshiba, Compaq, D-Link and Hercules. This will give a client an affordable price for DJ services at different packages. Computer network brands can be a major deal to DJ services.

  3. Do you have backup plans if something goes wrong?
    We are building a Plan B incase the main controler and laptop goes down. You never see a two controler set-up but the company has plans to build one. A keyboard can be program to DJ for a back up.

  4. Will the DJ play requests?
    DJ’s do take requests that don’t go against any of your special wishes for your event and that are appropriate for the particular occasion. We have what is called a "Remote Person" for this situation.

  5. Do you play vinyl, mp3’s, or CDs?
    Most DJs use Virtual DJ Pro or Traktor software, in other words, we play mp3′s, we can convert CDs to mp3 in needed upon request.

  6. Can we bring our own music for the DJ to play?
    Sure, just bring your CD or mp3 files at the event! The Remote Person can send the songs to the DJ threw the network.  Also, make sure to consider your entire audience when submitting songs.

  7. What are your payment terms?
    We ask for a payment of the day of the event. Bookings has to be done over the telephone and we can take bookings 48 hours before the event. We may ask a percentage at the start of the event.

  8. Do I tip the DJ?
    We do not include gratuity on the contract, but you can offer food and drinks to the DJ staff.

  9. Will the DJ play overtime if needed?
    Yes, and there no extra charge if it no longer than an hour. Over an hour then we charge $25 per hour over 5 hours.

  10. When should we book a DJ?
    A good time frame would be at least one month before the event, although many of our DJs are now booking 3 to 6 months in advance. We do have DJs usually open for last minute shows.

  11. Should we feed the DJ?
    This is up to you. Many times the catering director or banquet captain will set aside a meal for vendors is you request it. If we have the time, we will partake. It would be a good idea to ask venders before the event.