1.Go to our online event planner

2.Next, click the “Wedding” link.

3.Please fill out as much information as possible in the “General Information” section at the top. Some of the information is required, especially your email address. Make sure that you enter the same email address that you used when you signed your contract.

4.The next section,”Reception Event Times” is set up in an order that we have found to be the most efficient. However, you simply need to type in the approximate times that you want the event to occur. We can always rearrange the order to fit your needs. Please fill out as much information as possible in this section.

5.The next section is “Bridal Party Introductions” Please use this section to list the bridal party members that you want announced upon arrival. It is important to phonetically spell out difficult last names in parentheses beside the name.

6.The last section is “Reception Comments”. Use this area to make any other notes to the DJ. For example, “please wait until champagne is passed to everyone before calling the best man to the microphone”

7.If we are also handling music and/or microphones for your ceremony, please fill out the section “Ceremony Information” and the section beneath it entitled “Ceremony Notes”. Again, be as specific as possible.

8.When you are finished or wish to come back to planning later, simply click “Save My Planner” Your planner will then be saved under the email address you entered in “General Information”

9.When you want to load the planner, click “Load My Planner” At this point, enter your email address to recall your information.
10.When you are finished, click “Print My Planner” to keep a copy for your records or other vendors

11.The final step is to click “Submit My Planner” This sends all of your planner information to the DJ.