Main DJ laptop that fall under the first plan in 2011. The idea was to have more
  then one laptop incase of "crashing". In 2016, a new laptop was stripped down
  to put a SSD Hard Drive in with no moving parts to have less risk of crashing.
  This idea is "less" stressful because we can switch laptops on the job or we know
  now the main laptop shouldnt crashed.
  Netbook computer is to run like a CD player for timeout. This is so the DJ
  can take a break or incase the main laptop locks up.
  For Car Shows it runs as a secondary system to auto play music.
  Was replaced in 2017 with a tablet.
  Remote laptop - the remote person can seach for song request on the spot.
  Was replaced in 2017 with a tablet.
  Plan B laptop, this is the back-up laptop to back up the main laptop.
  A second controler can be added at a later date.
  Was replaced in 2017 with a tablet and two laptops for back-up.